Share your Memories of Shingle Inn

Learn a bit more about what makes Shingle Inn special, and why we’ve been operating for 80 years.

Our franchise family

Shingle Inn’s growing network means that our franchise family is growing rapidly. Our 2015 Franchisee of the Year award was presented to Peter & Patsy Reddy of Shingle Inn Grand Plaza at our annual conference. Peter and Patsy, and their children have worked together in the café since it first opened in August 2011. They were also awarded the 2012 Shingle Inn Rookie Franchisee of the Year’. “My family plays such a significant role in this business,” says Peter, “and without all their effort and support these awards would not have been possible. We also acknowledge the contribution and loyalty of our wonderful customers. We love seeing them come back time and again and building a relationship with them all as they take time out in our café.

Family culture

Second generation owners, brothers Andrew & Peter Bellchambers, are committed to ensuring Shingle Inn continues to evolve whilst retaining all that has made it successful to-date. “It’s always been part of our philosophy to retain the tradition and heritage of our brand to be true to the esteem in which our customers have held our business for decades,” says Andrew. “It’s a fine line to walk between being innovative and embracing trends and not leaving behind the fundamental core of what customers love about our brand.”

Our Coffee

Shingle Inn has been awarded a silver and bronze medal at the Australian Golden Bean awards in past years. Shingle Inn has an extensive training program for our baristas, ensuring you’ll have a perfectly made cup of coffee every time you visit one of our cafés. We undertake an annual Barista of the Year competition whereby baristas from each store compete for the national title.

Award Winners

Shingle Inn was awarded the 2014 Emerging Franchisor the Year award by the Franchise Council of Australia. Our brand values such as family culture, exceeding customers’ expectations and superior quality products helped us to stand out from other franchise systems. Shingle Inn Mt Ommaney was awarded the 2014 Franchisee of the Year (2 or more staff) and was also the 2013 Qld Franchisee of the Year. In his acceptance speech, Tony Carnie (one of four franchisees for the store) acknowledged the important part customers play in their business.

Decadent Food

Shingle Inn has a long history of producing iconic Patty Cakes, delicious coffee, innovative cakes and decadent sweet treats, as well as our extensive freshly prepared lunch menu. Very few changes have been made to the range because of its popularity, but some products have been much influenced by the history of Shingle Inn in Brisbane, especially during the war years. “Back in the early 1940s, the Shingle Inn Café introduced lemon meringue pies and butterscotch waffles to its menu to cater for American World War II soldiers who were visiting the café and searching for a piece of home,” explains Andrew Bellchambers, Shingle Inn Co-Director