Cold Drip Coffee arrives at Shingle Inn

Try our handcrafted cold drip coffee today at Shingle Inn North Lakes

Great Things Take Time

Introducing Cold Drip Coffee.

The chemical bond between water and coffee without pressure and over a long period of time delivers a smoother, softer tasting version of Australia’s favourite beverage.

Our expert Baristas take pride with careful monitoring of the cold filtered water as it slowly passes through the specially ground coffee. Through this hand-crafted process, that takes hours not minutes, we are confident you will experience the optimum flavour profile of our specialty beverage.

The hypnotic flow of coffee as each drop spirals through the circular chamber and into the vessel below is testament to the slowness of the process that produces a fabulously refreshing beverage.

In complete contrast to espresso coffee, where pressure, heat and speed deliver a sharper profile, cold drip coffee’s key ingredient is time… something you can enjoy too over a cold drip coffee, now at Shingle Inn North Lakes and Shingle Inn City Hall (from late May 2016). Stop by and be one of the first to try our new blend today.

Shingle Inn Cold Drip Coffee Tasting Notes

Origin: The coffee is farmed over 80-90 hectares through 730 active members. The area of Machakos is today well known for fertile soil, the region having become a major producer and supplier of fresh fruit and vegetables to Nairobi. The coffee yields are not very high but of good quality and sustainable at around two tonnes per hectare. The Ngomano Cooperative society have managed to work together, supplying the mill with enough fresh cherry during the season to allow volume for efficient high quality processing. This varietal was chosen for its bright and sparkly acidity and rhubarb flavours.

Varieties: Bourbon varietals

Cupping notes: Rhubarb, currants and red berries, bright, sharp and juicy

Optimal roast: Best suits light-medium roast to enhance the fruity nature of this coffee