Individual Sweet Treats

Patty Cakes

Patty CakesOur most popular and famous product. Shingle Inn has sold in excess of 10 million Patty Cakes since it first opened in 1936. This deliciously light sponge in vanilla or chocolate is topped with a wonderful array of flavours, you'll find it difficult to choose your favourite!


Gourmet Patty Cakes

Gourmet Patty Cakes For an extra special indulgence make a selection from our Gourmet Patty Cake range. As you sink your teeth into these heavenly treats you'll savour the warm and gooey injection of delicious flavours that ooze decadence.



Lamingtons There's nothing more Australian or better, than a fresh, fluffy Lamington. The white flakes of coconut sprinkled on rich and sticky chocolate are guaranteed not only to melt in your mouth but will have you and all your friends grinning from ear to ear.



Melting moments biscuitsChoose from happy clown faces, melting moments, traditional shortbreads and sweethearts. Whatever the occasion, they're tasty treats to share with others or if you need a quiet moment to yourself with a slice of old-fashioned goodness, enjoy one of our biscuits with a Shingle Inn coffee.



SconesPut on Queensland's culinary map by another iconic Queenslander, Lady Flo, our flavoursome scones have been present at the solving of some of life's great challenges. Enjoy them with lashings of strawberry jam and fresh whipped cream or let the natural sweetness of our sultana scone surprise and delight you.