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Shingle Inn's Notebook

Shingle Inn's Notebook is an exclusive group of our special friends.

For generations Shingle Inn has been the destination for family and friends to catch up on the latest news so we've launched Notebook as our way to catch up with you. We'll keep you up-to-date with new products, special offers, the arrival of new takeaway and specialty cakes, special events and gift ideas; whatever you tell us you're interested in.

We intend for Notebook to be different from traditional loyalty programs. We don't want to bombard you with information or offers you're not interested in. Instead, we want you to feel like the valuable customer you are and keep you informed of the exciting new developments of our family business as we grow and innovate, introducing new products and opening new cafés.

To join Notebook, simply visit your nearest Shingle Inn café and complete a membership form. We look forward to keeping in touch.






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