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Shingle Inn Coffee

Coffee spellbinds you with its aromatic smell and silky texture while it lures you to spend some time spoiling yourself, even if it's just until the last drop is gone.

Sit down and get lost in the delicious aroma and creaminess of a perfectly made cup of espresso coffee next time you visit Shingle Inn.

Our baristas are expertly trained to ensure you're receiving absolute perfection extracted from our coffee beans, delivered in whichever way you desire - cappuccino, latte or flat white.

Shingle Inn Barista of the Year

Shingle Inn holds an annual 'Barista of the Year' competition, for coffee connoisseurs to put their coffee making skills to the test. One qualified Barista from each of the Shingle Inn stores is selected to represent at the competition.

In conjunction with the in-house Barista Program led by Primo, it is the perfect opportunity for Barista's to showcase their "practice under pressure" skills and boost healthy rivalry between and within stores.

Judges of the competition look for correct preparation, presentation, visual appeal and most importantly, taste. Customers can rest assured that each time they visit Shingle Inn, every Barista is aiming to make their finest flat white, creamiest cappuccino and most luxurious latte each and every time.


Shingle Inn Coffee

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