Limited Edition Vintage 2017 Fruit Cake

$140.00 inc GST

  • Exclusively available online
  • Made with top shelf premium spirits
  • Hand crafted in the Shingle Inn bakery
  • Limited Edition 2017 Vintage
  • Intense, rich & fragrant Christmas Fruit Cake
  • Unique, one of a kind Christmas cake
  • Makes a truly memorable gift
  • Cake weight is 850g, inside box it is 1.35kg

Shingle Inn has a proud history of creating unique, hand-crafted cakes, using premium ingredients.

Our Vintage 2017 Limited Edition Fruit Cake is testament to that and the heritage of a brand that has been enjoyed by generations of families for 81 years.

The brainchild of second generation business owner, Andrew Bellchambers, and brought to life by an extraordinary bakery team, this cake has been crafted and nurtured for 24 months.  Based on Shingle Inn’s traditional Christmas Cake recipe, including premium fruit and peel, the Vintage 2017 Limited Edition Fruit Cake has been given the VIP treatment with the addition of top shelf spirits such as 10 year old Bundaberg Rum and French Cognac, that were not only added to the cake at the outset and soaked with the fruit and peel, as per Shingle Inn tradition, but have also been added to the cake at regular intervals throughout the year.

Absorbing this alcohol over such a long period has resulted in an intense, rich, fragrant Christmas Fruit Cake that will be unlike any other you’ve ever experienced.

Andrew says, “I like the idea that, like a fine wine, this cake will improve with age but unlike wine you can enjoy as little or as much as you wish at each sitting, before keeping some more for another day.

This is a truly unique Christmas Cake. One of a kind.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we’ve enjoyed crafting it for you.

Since as early as 1937, Shingle Inn has baked Christmas fruit cakes and puddings to our traditional recipe, so we understand the importance of food to any celebration, especially at Christmas.  It’s why Shingle Inn has played a special role in family traditions for generations.

The Vintage 2017 Limited Edition Fruit Cake is the embodiment of Shingle Inn’s ongoing commitment to handcrafting cakes with uncompromising quality.