Top Ryde welcomes Shingle Inn

Shingle Inn’s newest café opened on Tuesday 17 April 2018 at Top Ryde Shopping Centre and will include the country’s newest, innovative burger range of hand-crafted artisan burgers – ‘St Burger’.

The location marks the 54th location for the iconic family-owned Australian cafe chain, Shingle Inn.

The delicious new burger range will be served within Shingle Inn Top Ryde – the café most famously known for its coffee and cakes.

The opening month saw a host of exciting activities, including free burger giveaways, delicious sampling opportunities, and cookie decorating events for the kids.

The new franchisee owners, Amrik Bains and Ashwin Reddy, are good friends that were attracted to Shingle Inn’s long business history, successful structure and franchising practices, high standards of food quality and great coffee.

Both Amrik and Ashwin are no strangers to hard work and focusing on customer service, having previously worked for the Coles group.

Many of Shingle Inn’s decadent, delicious products that helped establish its popularity all over Australia remain, including the resounding favourite – the Patty Cake – with regular customer comments saying it reminds them of cakes “grandma used to make”. With over one million of Shingle Inn’s iconic Patty Cakes being sold every year it’s not surprising that it’s synonymous with a trip to the café chain for many customers.

The new franchisees are also excited to be the one of the first Shingle Inns in NSW to try the new burger concept after it has been a huge success at Perth and Brisbane locations.

Shingle Inn is celebrating its 82nd year in 2018. Born in Brisbane in the Autumn of 1936, in the midst of the Great Depression, Shingle Inn is more than just a business; it is a fascinating part of Australia’s history with a unique story to share.

From the humble beginnings of one store that stood alone for 66 years has grown a franchise network of 54 cafes throughout Australia in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and WA.

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