Christmas How To Videos

Bring Christmas to life with these helpful hints

Learn how to perfectly cut your Christmas Cake

Shingle Inn’s Christmas cake is dense, filled with the highest quality raw ingredients soaked for three months in brandy and made using a traditional recipe. To make sure you get the perfect slice, instead of crumbs, it’s important to use a hot, serrated knife and cut using a sawing action. Watch our video below to see how its done! Do you have any tips or tricks you use to cut decadent fruit cakes?

Learn how to glaze your traditional Christmas Pudding

Are you a fan of Christmas pudding? If you’re a traditionalist, you’ll love a classic glaze using your favourite jam or Shingle Inn’s much sort- after Brandy Custard Sauce that can be perfectly warmed to compliment your pudding, maybe with a scoop of ice cream too. Watch below to find out the quickest and yummiest way to glaze your traditional Christmas pudding or try something different and share with us how your family glazes their Christmas pudding.