Shingle Inn City Hall Opens in Brisbane

Shingle Inn City Hall Reopens With Original Restored Fitout

The opening of Shingle Inn City Hall is the reincarnation of one of Brisbane’s oldest and most loved café restaurants. Originally opened in 1936 on Edward Street, Shingle Inn was well known for its superior quality cakes, unique environment and outstanding service.

After being forced to close due to inner-city developments in August 2002, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed on June 4 2010,gifting the original store fit-out to the people of Brisbane. The cafe was to be restored within another iconic Brisbane building, City Hall, allowing future generation to experience the grandeur of Shingle Inn.

Now open within the beautifully restored City Hall, Shingle Inn City Hall continues its tradition as a location that can reach across the generational divide, making it the ideal location for special occasions and memorable experiences. It is the perfect destination for Brisbane locals and tourists alike.

Very few changes have been made to the range because of its popularity, but some products have been very much influenced by Brisbane’s journey through time, especially during the war years. The menu retains some old favourites as well as meals that cater for more modern tastes, including high tea. As a licensed restaurant, Shingle Inn City Hall is a perfect destination for a decadent lunch or indulgent experience.

While some things have changed with the times, the much-loved cakes, like the historic interior, remain faithful to Shingle Inn’s history. The tradition of buying a Shingle Inn cake for morning tea, carried in a string-tied box lives on today!

Click here to visit the Shingle Inn City Hall website or call +61 7 3210 2904 to make a booking.

Shingle Inn City Hall is located on George St, Brisbane, within City Hall. Open seven days for breakfast, lunch and high tea, as well as sweet treats in between.

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