When Christine Haworth’s mobile received a phone signal while she was holidaying in outback Qld and she saw a two word text from her friend – she couldn’t believe her eyes.

“YOU WON” her good friend Michelle Dodds texted her after attending the Qld draw on Christine’s behalf and receiving the winning ticket in Shingle Inn’s recent $10,000 giveaway promotion.

Christine, who lives in Nerum between Woodford and Mt Mee, entered the competition after purchasing a hot beverage and cold drink while visiting Shingle Inn Sunshine Plaza recently.

The $10,000 winning draw was held simultaneously around the country, with all 80 finalists (or someone there in their behalf) receiving one of Shingle Inn’s decadent, famous patty cakes. Each patty cake had a ticket in it– with one being the winning ticket.

Luckily for Christine, Michelle chose chocolate – and won the $10,000 for her friend.

Christine is planning to give Michelle some of her winnings, as well as her favourite charity.

But that’s after she treats herself and her husband to a helicopter ride over Carnarvon Gorge – the 160-million-year-old natural wonder and one of Queensland’s most iconic Parks.

Shingle Inn is Qld’s oldest and most iconic cafe, celebrating 80 years in 2016 since the cafe first opened its doors on Edward Street in Brisbane’s CBD.

Born in the Autumn of 1936, in the midst of the Great Depression, Shingle Inn is more than just a business; it is a fascinating part of Australia’s, and more specifically Brisbane’s, local history.

From the humble beginnings of one store that stood alone for 66 years, the Shingle Inn is now a franchise network of more than 53 cafes throughout Australia.

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