One of Australia’s oldest, and most loved café chains, Shingle Inn, is gearing up for their biggest Easter yet with sales for their delicious Hot Cross Buns already passing previous years.

With mouthwatering choc chip and traditional flavours on offer, every Easter, Shingle Inn’s hot cross buns are always amongst the most popular in the country.

The traditional flavour is the most popular option and this year, Shingle Inn has introduced a “Gluten Friendly Hot Cross Bar” to its menu to cater for the increased demand from customers for a Gluten Free option, with the recipe based on the traditional taste.

Born in 1936, in the midst of the Great Depression, Shingle Inn is more than just a cafe; it is a fascinating part of Australia’s, and more specifically Brisbane’s, local history.

This iconic café, one of Australia’s oldest, and most loved café chains, holds a special place in the heart of people of all ages.

Their range of delicious and decadent baked goods helped establish the Shingle Inn’s popularity. The bakery products continue to be produced as they have always been – lovingly crafted by hand by the team of Shingle Inn bakers using traditional methods and ingredients.

Shingle Inn bakery chefs still use real butter and real eggs, which sets them apart from many other products available in today’s modern cafés.

This year, the Shingle Inn celebrates 81 years, with 52 locations right across Australia in Queensland, Victoria, WA, ACT and NSW.

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Christmas Traditions at Shingle Inn

Since our first café opened in 1936, Shingle Inn has played a special role in family traditions both throughout the year and at Christmas, which is why so many people choose to savour the taste of Christmas and add a special touch to the lives of those they love with the delicious range of Shingle Inn Christmas goodies.

Born in the midst of the Great Depression, Shingle Inn is more than just a business; it is a fascinating part of Australia’s history with a unique story to share. From the humble beginnings of one store that stood alone for 66 years, the Shingle Inn is now a franchise network of 52 cafes throughout Australia with locations in Qld, Victoria, WA, ACT and NSW.

As a company with a rich family history, and with decades of experience in producing superior quality Christmas treats, Shingle Inn is the first stop in helping to create a beautiful Christmas table. Traditional puddings dripping with Brandy Custard Sauce or an amazing Christmas cake make a distinctive centerpiece, while the extensive range of traditional and modern treats from Fruit Mince Pies to Salted Caramel Reindeer Tarts, will ensure everyone tastes Christmas in every bite.


Since as early as 1937, Shingle Inn has baked Christmas fruit cakes and puddings to their traditional recipe, so the bakery understands what makes the perfect cake. The cakes and puddings are a labour of love, with fruit soaked in brandy for three months, mixed with the highest quality raw ingredients and blended together with the greatest of care before being baked and matured to ensure they are perfect when served to the whole family.

This year Shingle Inn have added a modern family classic to the pudding range, with the delicious Golden Syrup pudding. Self-saucing and just like nanna made, the Golden Syrup pudding is oozing with golden syrup is a quick and easy to prepare dessert to finish off a delicious Christmas meal.

Available in a range of sizes, these beautiful creations, particularly Shingle Inn’s traditional iced all over Fruit Cake, also make the perfect table centrepiece or festive gift for this special occasion.


Shingle Inn Fruit Cakes and Puddings made with gluten-free ingredients are also available. In 2016 Shingle Inn are focusing on customer favourites, including Fruit Mince Tarts and the very popular Brownie Trees.


It’s just not Christmas without a few sweet indulgences, and Shingle Inn has plenty to delight all tastes.

From traditional flavours like classic mouth-watering buttery shortbread, Fruit Mince Pies and Fruit Mince Tarts to new treats like Salted Caramel Reindeer Tarts, Rocky Road, Choc Cranberry Cookies and the special new Ginger Chocolate Kisses, available to buy individually or in a beautifully crafted Commemorative Tin gift pack.

They’ve also brought back the ever popular Snowman and Christmas Tree biscuits, which are made using Shingle Inn’s famous traditional biscuit mix and hand-decorated in the Shingle Inn bakery and presented in beautifully designed gift boxes.

Christmas has arrived!

Have you seen the decadent new Christmas range at Shingle Inn? Our festive fare has arrived in store, with our traditional favourites joined by some tasty new treats. Be sure to visit your nearest store and treat yourself to a Shingle Inn Christmas delight!